How do you Play Golf

It might shock you, but chances are your off-the-rack shaft doesn’t match the stiffness on its label

“What do you mean this is a senior flex, it’s labeled as a stiff shaft!” is statement and similar ones are made frequently by clients discovering for the first time the true playing characteristics of their existing equipment. Equipment they spent good money on with brand names that represent the highest in iindustry performance. Typically following the initial shock, we will hear a follow up question like, “how can XYZ company get away with that?” We answer the question with another question, “What is the definition of a ‘stiff ’ shaft ? What is a Regular Flex? Or a Senior Flex?”

The answer is there that is no standard definition within the golf industry. Every company has a different set of rules they go by when labeling and assembling their product, and there is no governing body that will cause the manufacturers to change their processes. It’s simply the nature of the business of manufacturing and assembling golf clubs on a large scale in a cost effective way to maximize profits. As a result, the majority of clubs do not play to the specs represented on the label.

If you think you should be playing a S- ex shaft with True Temper in your irons (Dynamic Gold S300, for example) and you play Matrix in your wood shafts and Fujikura in your hybrids, it would be very unlikely that each company has the same ex and production tolerance scale. You may have heard that one or two out of every 10 golf shafts match the actual ex printed on the golf shaft. We find this to be true as we measure our clients’ current golf clubs through our testing process.

One of the machines used to determine the true flex of the golf shaft is a Frequency Analyzer. A frequency analyzer is able to determine the CPM (cycle per minute) of an individual club. CPM, along with the length of a golf shaft, tells us the true “ flex,” or frequency, of the shaft. e higher the CPM, the stiffer the golf shaft . The combination of club head and shaft weight will have an effect on the true ex of a golf shaft .

How do you Play Golf

For example, if you have two identical shafts, with two club heads of differing weights, the heavier club head will create a more flexible overall club. Because there are wide manufacturing tolerances for each component, it is common to find multiple flexes within a set of clubs. The challenge with this scenario is trying to create a repeating result with non-repeating equipment. Custom club builders like The Club Fix are able to frequency match each club in a set, allowing consistent feel and club head speed into the ball. This is achieved through the cutting and installation of the golf shafts to compensate for the inconsistencies of the head and shaft weight. Frequency matching is a much more time consuming process and costs more to achieve, but the results are worth the extra time.


5 Methods to Help you in Your Game

It is almost impossibl`e to change anything immediately or I can say that change of anything is not really very easy. People are even doubtful to change their daily routine or for that matter any small activity that they are used to. It applies to Golf Game as well that Changing the strategy or way is not acceptable easily. If we talk about Golf , Players are afraid that they might not be able to adopt the changes at the new place with new people. Forget about any fear and We are here to help you to get rid of this.

Don’t worry because Tattersall Golf Club has many successful techniques to make you capable of accepting the changes. We are telling you 5 easy methods to help you in your Golf Game.

1. Unique Set of Clubs – Choosing the clubs and the types of clubs makes sure that the game is efficient. You may know hybrids or you might be a person who accepts gold and brand their irons. The best thing to know is that you can yourself customize your own set on the basis of whatever you are searching for. The truth is that you might have different needs and requirements and customization helps you here.

2. Breadth – You may be unaware that for each ½ inch you miss the candied atom you get rid of 5% of your distance. It must sound strange that On a 160 backyard shot, that is a ambit accident of 8 yards! If you want to be able to accept the arresting the golf brawl in the candied atom on a added constant basis you must accept breadth shaft.

3.Lie Bend – The position of lie band makes you either successful in making a right shot or let you fail in golf. Even if it is off by just two degrees , you are going to miss the candied atom by ½”.It becomes the reason for ambit accident and exceptionable brawl sidespin . The perfect example is at 160 yards, accepting a lie bend off by two degrees causes the brawl to absence its ambition by 8 yards. Adopting the correct lie band will enable room diversity arch to solid impact under the miss hits and it makes you able for the continuous shots.

4.Shaft – One of the most important aspects of the golf club is Shaft. The player must be aware of the right angle that introduces to the acceleration to the golf brawl at the centermost of the face. It may be result of many things including good distance , exact accuracy , optional trajectory. The main thing about this is that it really feels good.

5.Anchor – The Anchor is not normally taken as one of the basic aspects of the golf club. It is important to know the accurate size of anchor which helps to know the adjustments to the club and also their impact. Too short or too long anchors can create hindrance as per the physique anatomy causing problems with release, load, and/or circling of the club head

20 Years Change in the Golf Industry

Do you remember the year 1998 ? So many things happened during the year and so much has changed till now. So , in 1998, Bill Clinton actually started running the nation second time and he was almost successful this time. Green Bay Packers was defeated for the first time that too with back to back Super Bowl wins, The amazing thing to know is that John Elway and the Bronco’s defeated him. For many of us who remember 1998 , it feels that all happened just few days back. But for the new generation it seems a long time ago and they are the ones who have dedicated themselves to the golf world. This is an era where companies open and close daily and it takes just a blink’s time. Social media captures our attention through new ideas and clips of less than a minute. There have been many people who have a great contribution in changing so many things.

One can notice that a lot has changed over these years and you may be fortunate or misfortunate to see the pros and cons of this time. Apart from any other change in the world , all of us have been beneficiary to have the innovations in the golf industry and golf equipments from gold balls to Dopplar radars and of course there are many other things too. All innovations and new ideas have obviously given a new face to this game. There is more excitement , happiness and enjoyment. Do you not feel so ?

Many a times we have clients who come and talk about the past days stating the purity and benefits they availed. The wooden was replaced with Callaway’s metal drivers. Callaway claimed 70% of professional golfers were playing Callaway metal drivers. After a while a new innovation took place and the launch of the Taylormade 300 Series drivers released in 2000 with club sizes up to 360cc? The first mainstream driver with a flexible face [COR of USGA limit .830 with 3 different head sizes to provide options for a better fit?

20 Years Change in the Golf Industry

All of these innovations and changes have enables several manufactures to produce the required products too frequently due to their demand. We have to admit that whatever is going on in the market is absolutely stellar. The new era has brought a whole new level to equipment designed and fit for the player, not the player adjusting to the equipment. Trackman Radar technology equipments have become a habit to the golf industry and they provide accuracy and correct solutions to common golf swing and performance problems vexing players of all levels.