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Have a professional evaluate your golf game and equipment using the top technology on the market.

We use the Trackman Launch Monitor (with Doppler Radar) to track each ball you hit using the best technology in the industry. This enables us to have an accurate golf club fitting session, which helps us build golf clubs specifically for your golf game.

Trackman is the #1 Launch Monitor and golf radar. We use the best tools in the industry to provide you with your best possible game.

We will provide you with a full report on the current performance of your clubs and any possible improvements including the following:

• Shaft frequency (flex)
• Loft
• Face angle
• Grip
• Length

Our analysis doesn’t stop here, we will also analyze the ball to dig deeper into what really affects your game:

• Ball speed
• Launch angle
• Spin rate
• Club path
• Ball dispersion
• Attack angle
• Swing speed
• Carry distance
• Total distance
• Landing angle

Outside Trackman Practice Session-$65.00 Practice like the pro’s by understanding what is actually causing the results. Trackman will let you know what is going on with your swing and what you should be working on to improve your performance. Your session data will be emailed to you so you can spend time understanding what causes good vs bad numbers. Your 45 minutes of Trackman practice time will save you hours of trial and error frustration. Book a one time session for a yearly check-up, or receive a discount through a practice session package.

our Services